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Shipping & Returns

Check with your local government to determine the value of this tax, you will not get benefits in your bag.

We your goods arrive safely as possible to the international package, it is very important to send by DHL or Royal Mail and its contents.

Mail, you can expect 7-14 working days after your order, so 15 days before you contact us, please note that the track will not be for all services. When the package, which determines the quality of the service is valid up to 30 kg each. Please note that there will be additional cost for all products up to 30 kg (if weight).

You can be a sign of the packet at the factory. If you are not home when the package arrives, the card is returned, you can arrange alternative delivery courier.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, to be returned at least 21 days (unused) to us, we will provide a full refund or exchange. Note that when you return to the United States, all swimwear protected intact labels. Unfortunately, all underwear and earrings are for You can not restore health and hygiene reasons. Remove the label is not free returns

Once we receive your return, it will take up to five working days to five days to process the return and exchange. Fill induced to take back a slide back to our plans and actions. If you request a refund, the payment will be returned to the first payment.

If you enter the size you need, or change if you select a different product, enter the product code and the desired format. Please note that we can only exchange the following items of equal value. If you switch to cheaper products, we will refund the difference automatically. If you want to buy a greater exchange value, you should ask for a refund and was replaced with the return of provenance, with a new project.

If you just lose your slip connection to a cover letter with the full name and address of the request.

The label does not return the free pick-up service. This will ensure that you have less than lost sufficient to cover the bag during transportation in the territory of a situation - to restore the package, we will use the station to provide the desired base, but be sure to give additional compensation to choose if possible. We will refund you if you return the item transferred failure of the product or wrong. Get a roof can not accept a return after missing packets, so keep your receipt as proof of dispatch